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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]orry, I’m late to the party. Not that I was reluctant or I just plain disliked it.. but I just had neglected to think about this – the idea of blogging. None of my friends had a blog, nor did anyone whom I knew. I didn’t have the vision of what a blog could accomplish. In fact, when an old friend started his own blog, I gave it the first serious thought. “Well, what would I blog about ? And who would read it ?”, I thought. The answer came as no surprise, I’d write about my travels and for at least myself. I have a penchant for adventures and the idea of exploring a territory. I’m pretty sure, if I had lived a few centuries ago, I would have loved to be part of the European fleets and armadas that sailed out in search of new lands (minus the brutal mass murders of course). I love forts, I love adventure sports and I love road trips. Being a science person, techie things excite me. I love observing passers-by and love to capture all these moments in my camera. I love gawking at the landscapes, hear sounds of life, experience something new every day and relate that with what I know from science. More than different languages, food or lifestyle, travel for me is the quest for knowledge. Travel keeps giving my brain plenty of food to feed on.

So when I played around the idea of jotting down my travel experiences, I realised blogging was the easiest of the ways to take these experiences to fellow travellers and explorers. I have travelled extensively since many years, mostly opportunistically but lately purposefully. I left home for higher studies right after 10th standard board exams. Since then, I’ve been away from home. Nevertheless, every excursion, every outing and every family trip enlivened the idea of travelling more and more. And now that I have more and more motivation to share these experiences with the world, I have resorted to blogging.

I hope I’m just a bit late and I didn’t miss the party altogether. Nonetheless, let the fun begin ! Join me on my journey. Subscribe (from the left pane) to my blog and come with me to explore this fascinating world.


  1. Loved your blog and the pictures you clicked. I am your new fellow traveler from now on…
    Subscribing s that I will see what yo saw, i will read your story from places far over, and i will be your buddy we will for we from now will travel together (through your blogs)

    • Thank you! It fels great to receive positive comments like these.
      Please do subscribe so you get a wee email in your inbox when I post next time šŸ™‚

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