Hello there!

I am Deep, just another earthling. And I loooove to travel. Just the idea of travel planning gives me such a rush! When I’m not travelling and am busy with the material things, I still dream of places far away. I am also passionate about photography and that goes hand in hand with my liking of travelling.

                If you ask me, about my professional life, well am basically a science person. By formal education, I am an engineer (aren’t we all are from India!?). Currently I am working towards PhD in Glasgow, Scotland and I work on atmospheric reentry vehicle design. While I pull my (scarce) hair during most weekdays trying to make my computations and models work, the quest to conquer new territories continues on weekends. While I am here in Scotland I hope to explore the Scottish Highlands, the isles and the rest of the UK (on a tiny budget). Since, I am into Science and Technology, I am always on the lookout for “off the beaten path” experiences and express those in my photographs.

              This is my travel blog where I scribble sporadically. Bhingri in my mother tongue, Marathi, means a pinwheel. It also is used in certain phrases to suggest moving constantly. I thought that was an apt simile for who I am as a traveller. There was deafening silence after the first couple of posts on this blog here, but I have now determined to write more often.   As a new year begins (#HappyNewYear2018), in the next few months as I explore Scotland, I’ll add my travel experiences here with occasional throwback posts to previous travels in India and elsewhere. I write about places, people, nature, history and science.

                I write once a month, and this has become far less frequent these days as am busy with finishing my PhD. But if you’d like to get an email notification whenI post next time, please consider subscribing below. You can reach me through email at earthling [at] bhingri [dot] in. Or you could connect with me on Instagram (@deepbandivadekar), on Twitter (@83ingD33p), or on LinkedIn (/in/deepbandivadekar).