Hello there!

              I am Deep, just another earthling and I love to explore our beautiful planet. I am also a research student and currently working on my PhD. While I pull my (scarce) hair during most weekdays trying to make my computations and models work, the quest to conquer new territories continues on weekends. While I am here in Scotland I hope to explore the Scottish Highlands, the isles and the rest of the UK (on a tiny budget). I love to bring my unique sciency perspective as I explore interesting places wherever I visit. Being into Science and Technology domain, I am always on the lookout for “off the beaten path” experiences and capture those in my photographs. Occasionally I also write science articles on various platforms.

/(bh’ingri)/  noun
a pinwheel

              Welcome to my travel blog. I scribble here sporadically. Bhingri in my mother tongue, Marathi, means a pinwheel. It also is used in certain phrases to suggest moving constantly. I thought that was an apt simile for who I am as a traveller. I write about interesting sciency places or eperiences in my travels. I write once a month, and this has become far less frequent these days as am busy with finishing my PhD. But if you’d like to get an email notification when I post next time, please consider subscribing below. Alterntaively, you could also add my blog to your RSS feed.

                You can reach me through email at earthling [at] bhingri [dot] in. Or you could connect with me on Instagram (@deepbandivadekar), on Twitter (@83ingD33p), or on LinkedIn (/in/deepbandivadekar).